Blade & Soul outlines how to earn its Cutting Edge cosmetics for the three-year anniversary

Blade and Soul, thoughts are all like butterflies, yeah.

To celebrate the third year of Blade & Soul in the west, players are getting the chance to getting some far futuristic-looking costumes and weapons. How do you get them? Anniversary quests! Players will get daily tasks to clear three bosses from a selection of seven, which earns 1-2 anniversary tokens; there are also specific daily quests and other targets players can take on to earn further tokens. A dozen tokens nets the costume, while a lesser number will earn the costume mask, goggles, or various weapon skins along the same aesthetic lines.

Players can also take on the Midnight Skypetal Plains at a higher level to earn Golden Seeds, which can be exchanged for various useful endgame items. This is in addition to a game-wide buff to experience earned through combat for the duration of the anniversary. Check out the full rundown for the exact details on which items you may want to collect when the event goes live on January 16th.


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Yup. It should be fun. All of the bosses and quest listed are open to all who have capped. And for those that are perhaps a bit beyond you gear, you will be carried easily in group finder.

And there is more to come if the leaked patch notes continue to be accurate. Several key quality of life features are coming too.

But to be honest, that Warframe outfit isn’t very appealing although I’m sure I’ll get the full set.

What I’m looking forward to is what they have still yet to announce, the drop of Awakenings and the Lyn Warden.


So no Lyn Warden with this then. :(

…or do we have to wait to play the “Do you guys not have phones?” mobile edition comes out? :(


Heh. Not sure on the phones, but as you know they are producing 3 mobile version of BnS at one time. Wow….

The leaked patch notes don’t mention the Lyn Warden or Awakenings.