Crowfall details upcoming changes to campaign scoring in latest Q&A video


Last month, Crowfall kicked off the first of its test campaigns, allowing players to play for keeps, as it were, in a game mode where only one of the game’s three factions would eventually emerge victorious. Although the folks at Artcraft Entertainment seemed largely pleased with the initial results, they did note that there was some balancing to be done in terms of scoring, as the initial campaigns had a bit of a problem with early leads turning into runaway victories.

In the latest Q&A, however, the devs reveal the solution they’ve devised for this tricky issue: While a faction controls a fort or outpost, it will accumulate a pool of bonus points that will be immediately awarded to the faction that manages to capture it. As a result of this new mechanic, the devs say, “there will be targets of varying importance over the course of a campaign, adding to the excitement as players vie to capture and maintain control of key areas.” The devs go into detail about the changes being made to the campaign scoring system and answer a number of other community-submitted questions in the latest Q&A video, which you can check out for yourself just below.


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