Final Fantasy XI’s latest version update brings some very minor changes for Dragoon and Dancer

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The developers behind the very reliably updated Final Fantasy XI talked a great deal about how this month’s version update would bring balance changes for Dancer and Dragoon. And now the update notes are here, and players can see that the balance changes are… de-linking the recast timers for a handful of abilities! Although the actual recast times remain unchanged. We’re sure that all of the Dragoons are thrilled by this. Dancers at least get a little buff in the form of a Presto improvement, so it’s something.

While that bit of the update is a bit of a non-starter, there is also a buff to rewards earned in Ambuscade and a new set of objectives, as well as easier conditions for earning completion on some Records of Eminence objectives. So there’s still stuff to like in the patch! Dragoons and Dancers just won’t get the balance improvements they were likely hoping for.

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The de-linking is actually nice for healing dancers. Their heals (waltzes) were all on the same cooldown timer previously, and depending on the one you used, that timer could be 20+ seconds.


Something made me try a Private Server for this game recently. That made me re-buy the game , create an account and start from scratch.
So much has changed in the last 10 yrs in this game, lol.
I always wondered why modern MMO’s strictly Refuse to learn anything from FFXI & it’s systems.