Latest Sea of Thieves developer update video details arena development progress, teases future updates


Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate is back again with the weekly development update video, and this week, he’s here to talk a bit about the progress the team has made on the game’s upcoming arena mode and tease players with some vague information about what they can look forward to soon. Unsurprisingly enough, Sea of Thieves’s arena mode — which was first announced last November — is currently the primary development focus, and the devs are currently “making sure [they] get [the arena] into a state that [they] can ship to pioneers” so that they can begin iterating on the design process.

That’s not all that’s going on behind the scenes at Rare, but unfortunately, Neate isn’t ready to give up much information just yet. There is “lots of exciting stuff going on across the team” and “across lots of different areas of the game,” he says, but it’s still too early to be revealing specifics just yet.

What Neate does reveal, however, is that there are some points of feedback that the team is working on addressing in upcoming patches. Specifically, they’re working on fixing an exploit of sorts that allows players to use two different guns in rapid succession, effectively allowing one-shot kills against other players, which Neate stresses was never the intended design. In addition, streamers should soon be able to prevent gamertags from being displayed in-game to make it more difficult for viewers to stream snipe. For the full details on all of these features, you can check out the full developer update video just below.

Source: YouTube

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I am assuming arena mode is a battle royale no?


Most likely. The game is already set up to be good for a BR mode.