A mutated queen awaits Star Wars: The Old Republic players


Think you’ve discovered everything there is about Ossus in Star Wars: The Old Republic? You’re in for a bit of a shock, then, because something dark and sinister is stirring underneath the planet’s surface.

Right now, the game is testing Game Update 5.10.1. In it there is a new lair called The Hive of the Mountain Queen, in which is a five-star bed-and-breakfast and a non-stop marathon of Star Wars themes. If you happen to find an actual Mutated Geonosian Queen, then you’ve obviously taken a wrong turn somewhere.

This boss battle comes with a few options: It can be attempted with either eight or 16 players and on story and veteran difficulty levels. If you want to check it out, you can log on to the public test server to give it a go.

Source: SWTOR
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