Breach’s demonic Worldshaper class is a fungi at any party


With early access coming next week, Breach is generating a decent amount of buzz for this co-op dungeon brawler. It won’t be a game strictly for the noblest and most valiant of hearts; there’s room for the anti-hero as well, as evidenced with the Worldshaper Veil Demon class.

According to QC Games, there are no fewer than six demonic classes, of which the Worldshaper is just one. This class “conjures powers and terrain from behind the Veil to spread pandemonium on the field of battle, shaping the very ground beneath enemies’ feet.” If you like playing with mean mushrooms and pocket volcanoes, it might be right for you.

The Worldshaper is one of the seven classes that come with the $25 early access package. You can check out its trailer after the jump!

Also, by preordering you can make a dev shave his beard and get a tattoo. In fact, many of you will remember this dev – Gabe Amatangelo – from his days as the PvP lead over at BioWare on SWTOR.

Source: Press release

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Bryan Correll

If you like playing with mean mushrooms and pocket volcanoes

Who doesn’t?

Rheem Octuris

I just wish in an alpha, for testing purposes, they let us play all the characters instead of putting microtransactions in. Sent a big red flag to me.

Hikari Kenzaki

Prior to this weekends alpha, they were giving people free store cash.
This weekend they are specifically testing the store purchases (and again, they gave everyone 400 free QC) for that.


Got in for the last alpha too, played a bit today and really enjoyed it. Has a lot of potential.


On the contrary, I played it for about 20 minutes and uninstalled it. I picked a Necromancer as my first class, I usually play melee classes in games (warriors, rogues), but now I wanted a change so I picked that, but the combat felt really clunky, like it had no impact, the effects weren’t loud and visible enough, monsters took too long to kill, basically I got disappointed and uninstalled it. It felt like a chore.


Never heard of this game, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It looks super fun!

Hikari Kenzaki

Pretty much, everyone gets one free Veil because someone has to play them :)

I keep bouncing back and forth between the Starter Pack or the Hero Pack. I better make up my mind fast!


Played quite a bit today. Liking Breach. Feels like a strange hybrid of The Secret World and Global Agenda. Fairly polished. My only complaint is that I’d like to see a real character creation system.


That’s for the VS. mode. It’s not only co-op as first suggested, there are vs. modes where someone plays the evil side.

Actually the only thing I’ve seen are the VS. modes. When I looked at the game it was at a time where they locked co-op to force VS. mode testing.

It’s not a direct fight like a MOBA or something, it’s very different when someone controls the evil side. You still are going through this entire level fighting and killing enemies and stuff, the evil guy just has some control over certain spawns, casting some spells on you, various things.

Though I guess from the description that was a specific evil dude and maybe the other types will play differently? I don’t really know that much about it, I just wanted to point out that it was for the VS mode :D

Though bots fill up spots other people don’t if you play single player, so maybe they’ll also have single player evil mode where you just go against bots? I guess I should shut up and let someone who knows more about the game talk about it :P

Hikari Kenzaki

Yeah, the Co-Op mode with no Veil is different. The Veil is still there but as a NPC.
And the solo with bots… they’re not very smart.


The “evil dude” is a Veil Demon that can possess any of the minion spawns, including the big bad at the end. It also has the ability to summon micro-big bads mid game depending on how well it is doing at harassing the player Heroes. The abilities of the VD are based on which VD selected, some having more traps, some having more damage, and some having more influence over the minions possessed.

World Shaper, for example, can set up trap cages, spawn mushrooms inside, and spawn a micro big bad within as well. So if you catch only a single Hero separate from his allies, that can make a key play in an attack. Also setting out a lava field on one of the outside edges keeps allies at a distance or causes them to be funneled to a specific area needed. And its Veil Wind (forget the real name of it) attack can be used to fling heroes off a cliff or into already laid traps.

It’s like Dungeon Keeper but ….less so. Make sense?