Atlantica Online raises its level cap and throws itself an 11th birthday party


Believe it or not, January 2019 marks the 11th anniversary of the nautical MMO Atlantica Online. Just because it’s an odd year doesn’t mean that the team is taking it easy, either. Big events and updates are rolling out all month long.

The fun starts with the return of Atlantica’s mentor system. This gives mutual benefits to both mentors and mentees, incentivizing new and experienced players to enjoy the game together. The game also just raised the level cap to 200, added 13 level 170 talents, and added a new PvP mode called Chaos Ladder. That last one is coming with a second patch and will allow people to participate in ranked battles without having to worry about a mismatch between equipment levels.

Some sort of fun birthday event is also slated to arrive at some point this month, although the studio is being a little coy on the specifics of this party.

Source: Press release
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