Crowfall devs dig into optimization issues, campaign balance, and more in new interview

Taaake ooooon meeee

Are you a Crowfall fan who loves Artcraft’s regular Q&A videos but finds that they always leave you wanting more? Then boy are you in for a treat because Crowfall streamer and community bigwig Zybak has just released an interview with Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Design Director Thomas Blair, and it’s absolutely packed to the brim with tasty nuggets of Crowfall goodness from start to finish.

In the interview, which clocks in at over an hour long, Zybek pitches a series of questions gathered from Twitter, Reddit, and other community sources — and they’re not exactly softballs, either. In fact, Zybek makes it a point to stress that none of the questions were screened or pre-approved. To their credit, though, Coleman and Blair seem game for anything and don’t hesitate to go into (sometimes excruciating) detail when answering questions whose topics range from what the team is doing to improve the game’s performance to how the devs intend to balance the somewhat off-kilter campaign scoring system (the latter of which, it should be noted, they discussed in the most recent update).

It would be a futile effort to even try to summarize the interview here, on account of both the range of topics covered by Zybek’s question and the depth and detail in Coleman and Blair’s answers, but the full video is worth a watch for any Crowfall fan. If you want to check it out yourself, you can find the whole interview in all its glory just below.

Source: YouTube. Thanks, Juwagena