Age of Conan players kill 1.5 million mobs for a fancy cloak


The blood is still flowing hot and fast on Age of Conan’s Saga of Blood server. The special ruleset shard, which went live last September, gave the community a rather daunting challenge: Kill 1,500,000 other players to earn an exclusive cloak.

As of last month, that milestone was reached. With 1.5 million kills out of the way, all players on the Saga of Blood server will receive the Cloak of Selkhet to keep as a memento of the effort.

While Funcom hasn’t stated an end date to the time-limited server, it sounds as if things are coming to a head with PvP tournaments and the like.¬†And if you heard the news that Marvel Comics is “reclaiming” the Conan IP, rest assured that this only pertains to comics and not to Funcom’s multiple titles.

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