Fallen Earth teases asset import progress on its code-rewrite initial tests


It’s been pretty strange – but a happy sort of strange – watching Fallen Earth filter back into our newsroom and the collective consciousness of the MMO playerbase. As readers will recall, Little Orbit acquired GamersFirst, along with Fallen Earth and APB Reloaded, last spring, and it was clear the new studio planned to actually do something with its new assets. As CEO Matthew Scott put it, “There is something special here worth rebuilding.” And he didn’t just mean thwarting cheaters and revamping the website, although LO did that too; the developers have been making plans for a fresh start server and a possible complete reboot.

And it’s apparently coming along, too. Scott has been posting new images on Twitter that illustrate the smaller assessment tests the devs are running to determine how easily the game will port to a modern engine – and how long it’s going to take.

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Source: Twitter
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