Slay by the seaside in TERA’s upcoming Shore Hold update for PC


Although TERA just released a pretty major update for console players last week, adding a brand-new class and a new dungeon, the devs at En Masse aren’t slowing down, as this week’s Shore Hold update for PC players is bringing a slew of new PvP-centric features to the free-to-play action-combat title. The star of the update is its namesake, Shore Hold, a 7v7 PvP battleground “designed to get you right into the action.” Its smaller team sizes, shorter rez times, and “buff-generating mana stones” are all geared toward providing players with a faster, more action-packed experience.

In addition, the update will also add three new types of PvP gear that players can purchase using Bellicarium credits. Although this gear can’t be augmented with crystals and don’t provide set bonuses, it does provide some potent PvP-specific effects that can give you an edge in combat. And last, but not least, players will also be able to access a new PvE training ground that provides “a DPS meter, virtual thralls, and a collection of buffs to simulate an active party,” giving players the chance to test and tweak their builds before they put it into practice for real. The Shore Hold update is slated to go live on January 15th, but in the meantime, if you want to read up on all the patch details, you can check them out over on the game’s official site.