TERA update is live on PC with the PvP Shore Hold battleground and PvE dungeon

Pretty, still.

When TERA players get tired of whaling on giant monsters, they turn to whaling on each other with giant weapons. Hey, they have a lot of unresolved daddy issues to work through. And that’s a good thing, because En Masse pushed out a fairly sizable PvP update yesterday to give this aggressive community more practical therapy.

The Shore Hold update added the titular 7v7 battleground and three additional PvP gear sets. “There are two main objectives in the Shore Hold battleground: capture pyres and fight a cave-dwelling monster,” En Masse said. “Both goals force players to plan ahead, react quickly, and manage their time well, as spending too much time focusing on one objective leaves others vulnerable.”

PvE players weren’t left out with the patch, however. There’s a solo training ground for gamers to measure their worth without anyone looking, as well as the return of the Shadow Sanguinary dungeon, which has a few new rewards.

Source: TERA

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That opening paragraph though. By the gods, I may never stop laughing… :D