Aion outlines the changes to make the Enchanting system a bit easier


Do you like melting lots of good but unnecessary items to get your best item to have slightly better stats? If so, you are probably well-suited to explore¬†Aion’s Enchanting system, but the North American version of the game has recently changed the system to make it a bit more positive for players. For one thing, higher success rates have been patched in, making riskier enchantments slightly¬†less risky. You can also use new morphing recipes to gain high-tier materials which can be used to produce better enchanting materials overall.

Players will also need to pick up Borunerk’s Gems, which require Borunerk’s Coins purchased for Kinah. Using a coin removes experience from your bar and converts it into a game, which can then be used for the aforementioned new morphs. Hopefully these changes will make the process of enchanting items a bit less time-consuming and a bit more fruitful as a whole.