Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse plans open beta 2 for the end of January

See? No bear.

Didn’t get your fill of Ashes of Creation’s Apocalypse battle royale last round? Here comes another beta event to cap off the month, running from January 24th to 27th. Intrepid says it’ll be focused on network issues, server performance, VOIP stability, bug fixes, and the game mode itself.

As we’ve previously covered, Apocalypse is a standalone battle royale component of the in-development Kickstarted Ashes of Creation MMORPG. Unlike Ashes itself, Apocalypse is free-to-play, even if you haven’t purchased an Ashes package. All you’ve got to do is go sign up for the beta and download the game. Or you can skip all that and read our coverage of our first steps in the test map!


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Easy Rider
Easy Rider

I’ve played the 1st open beta and it was interesting. I hope they fixed bugs and Apocalypse will help in development MMO.

Dankey Kang

Did anyone play this the last time around?


This is their Landmark and once the money has dried up they will pull the plug on both this and the mmo.

Jeremy Barnes

Hahahahhhaaahhahhaha…*catches breath* Ahhahahahahhahaha.


Yep. Shit is comedy gold at this point. To those people that are saying that they aren’t pouring in Kickstarter money that was meant for the MMO (which more than likely won’t come out now)…..


The joke is on you.