Legends of Aria’s Steam early access launch is now slated for spring

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The testing through early access continues for Legends of Aria, and that includes figuring out the schedule for the game’s patches and ultimate release. The latest news from the team is about just that, with the game’s next major update scheduled for January 30th and offering a whole lot of dungeons. (We had an exclusive on that topic, so you should go read that to find out more about that patch. It’s dungeon-tastic!)

Meanwhile, the developers are currently targeting spring of 2019 for the game’s proper release on Steam, which will coincide with the Frozen Tundra update. It’ll be a chance for the developers to put the game’s best foot forward, but we’ll have to see how closely the ultimate release schedule winds up being to this new plan. Here’s hoping that everything goes smoothly this time.


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The game is structurally sound, for the most part, but there are a lot of little things that need to be tidied up.

I’m glad they’re pushing it back, but I don’t look forward to two more months of people on the forums who don’t understand that games can exist before they’re on Steam, or that pre-Steam isn’t a super-long headstart, or that servers won’t be wiped, etc.


Not to mention many steam users love making negative comments for the sake of negative comment, lol

I also remember when original UO was to greenlight and come on steam(they finally decided against it). While the game was greenlit the first couple of hours already, an army of private-sharders had went there just to make negative comments on purpose. And because none is stupid and could see the private shards forums, it was usually the shard owners giving incetives to their players for that, possibly out of fears that a potential official UO resurge would mean less players for them. I suspect they would do same on this and whichever game claims “UO Spiritual Successor” too. It doesnt help that steam has absolutely no prequisites to comment so you even see negative comments on games where the one commenting has zero hours or quite close to it.


Really loving this game. Closest thing we have to classic UO. Great dev team.

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I read “put their best loot forward.” A game should totally use that now.