Classic MapleStory is bumping its level cap in next week’s Black Mage: New Beginnings update


Over in classic MapleStory, players are anxiously awaiting the launch of Black Mage: New Beginnings next week on the 23rd, which itself will be followed by traditional Lunar New Year events on the 30th and three additional events in February.

“In the next phase, Maplers will see the level cap increased to level 275 after more than 5 years and face new enemies. Players will also be able to enjoy Maple Alliance celebration events, level 200 Genesis weapons, and epic re-playable battles. […] Players level 245 and above can relive valiant battles in Tenebris against the Black Mage as well as complete daily quests in these regions as they become permanently available. The game is also bringing new quests where players can obtain a weapon box containing Genesis weapons after defeating the Black Mage. Players can unleash the power of their Genesis weapons by completing missions to unlock their weapon’s full ability.”

Nexon’s also released a new infographic celebrating 13 years of production! We’ve tucked all the new goodies below.

Source: Press release
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Sebastian Campos

Seeing this almost gets me to play this again. MS was such a big part of my life for 7 years… Many good memories…


No wonder less than 1% reach level 250, the grind required to reach that level is immense, quests alone are not enough and quests are mostly kill 30 to 200 mob or collect 10 to 100 something which require killing mobs, so people farm zones or maps and the classes (more than 30!) offer a set of abilities to make an endless grind.

This game is all about grind and for some reason i don’t mind that in this game.