WRUP: Reasons why you have angered the minotaurs edition

lol so randum

You have angered the minotaur. That was dumb. If you already know why you have angered this minotaur (and, by extension, the remainder of the minotaurs), please explain in the comments to this week’s What Are You Playing and make the necessary acts of contrition. Otherwise, please examine the following list of common minotaur enraging techniques (which is also useful if you wish to anger the minotaurs):

  • Referred to them as “failing trash centaurs”
  • Made any reference, however subtle you thought you were, to cud and the chewing thereof
  • Mentioned that those horns make them look dumb
  • Singing the hit single “I’m A Cow” (Benny & The Relatively Employable Lads, 1964)
  • Borrowed a minotaur’s car while claiming that you just needed to run a quick errand while you were in the shop, but then when the minotaur walked by your building he saw your car, because he knows it’s your car because you still have that stupid Grateful Dead sticker on the bumper. Seriously, why do you have that sticker? You’re 29. It’s kind of weird and we know you put that on your car intentionally. But anyway, he knew your car was fine and figured you were probably using his car to buy drugs even though you really just didn’t want to drive yours because the Check Engine light is on and it makes you nervous to drive.
  • The same as the above, but you really were using his car to buy drugs.
  • Imprisoned the minotaur in a labyrinth before telling your buddy Theseus to, quote, “go to town, man.”

Bonus question: What subject did you adore in school but haven’t really used since?

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Star Wars Galaxies, of course. We’ve also been playing Rock Band with the kids (it’s so fun now that they are old enough for this!). And I guess I need to get Warframe up and running for my playtime with Justin, yeah?

And the bonus: I nearly ended up in music but switched to a slightly more practical plan at almost the last minute. I don’t really regret it, since I got to hone my writing skills instead, and without that, I’d not be here!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): After some good advice from Eliot on how my husband and I could best get Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage spells from open world monsters, we’re now at a point to simply level up the class and get into the instanced content segment of the Spellbook, so that will definitely be a highlight of the weekend. I also have a desire to level up a Barbarian in Diablo III in the interest of putting together a tank-minded build and joining friends in Greater Rifts. Finally, I’m thinking a bit of Korean MMO gaming for a complete action combat change of pace would be good. Maybe Blade & Soul or TERA.

On the bonus question: I can’t really say I adored any subject in school. Not completely. Marching band, I guess? I’d rather leave the miseries of high school behind me, honestly.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): As astonishing as it might sound, I have not yet reached level 50 on Blue Mage as of this writing. I’m loving the job, though, so I need to make that happen alongside doing my usual stuff in the game. Aside from that, it’s my birthday weekend, so that’ll likely take most of my weekend.

Bonus question? In school, I actually did pretty well at lots of subjects, but my original focus in college was to go into a major in math and education. I was just going to make writing a hobby! That’s not what happened. I’d like to thank the advisor who convinced me to major in English instead, and by “thank” I actually mean “blame.”

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Breach is the new, hot thing on the scene – and looky there, I just so happen to have a copy to try out. A friend was recommending this to me on the comparative basis to The Secret World in feel, so why not? Past that, I’m still adventuring through Lord of the Rings Online’s Forochel on my progression server toon and The Elder Scrolls Online’s Morrowind with my Warden.

Your turn!

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Schlag Sweetleaf

have an a-maze-ing birthday Eliot:)

Have an amazing birthday Eliot.gif
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I’ll probably just tinker with my private WoW server, while clearing snow from the driveway in between longer flight paths.

“Use” is a tough word when you’re talking about classes. I loved history, but majored in computer science when I got to college … and minored in history. I don’t use what I learned in history classes the way I use what I learned in computer classes, but because of them I have a much clearer picture of the world, cultures, politics, government and where humanity’s headed.

Nate Woodard

I really don’t know this weekend. I’ve been in FFXIV, ESO, played Villagers and Heroes Mobile. I’m updating LOTRO. Heh. It’s all a blur! Mainly, I’m dealing with the winter storm nonsense. It’s been interesting.

I’m looking for a good mobile game that I can put some time into. V&H is not it. It’s fun. And it’s very old school RPG, but it’s almost better played on PC. Once the snow melts there will be a lot of traveling to fix broken things.

Anyway, have a safe and warm weekend folks!

Bonus Question: I loved Animal Science in high school. Biology was okay as well, but same teacher and basically the same subjects, well sort of. Trig and Calc were fun in college because I had arguably two of the best professors. I knew one of them personally and he fought to get me in his class. Good times!


Final Fantasy XIV

Because it’s my main MMO and new content came out. It’s the only thing that really keeps my mind occupied for extended periods of time, and that’s something I basically require with my rapidly worsening depression. BLU turned out to be a waste of time, sadly. So I’m just coasting until fanfest in 2 weeks.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

I played through this with an ex-boyfriend and got reasonably far, decided I felt like playing a Monster Hunter-esque game and so far I’m enjoying it again. Variant Scythes are cool.


Completed the story on hard + all bonus objectives, and I feel pretty satisfied with that. It’s an enjoyable little game. Not one I’d play much of in the future but it certainly was worth its price, and it’s something I’d been meaning to play for a long time now.

Maggie May

Physics and Chemistry, I liked them but they really didn’t like me.

Currently I am living the life of an Orc mass-murderer in LOTRO, I had forgotten the satisfaction of sneaking and stabbing.


This week: I call ’em Tauren. Just like the one creature pictured for this week’s WRUP. o.O

Also this week: Keeping it short, pink and sweet, just like moi. <3

Have a great week and weekend, folks! :)

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Rees Racer

Nothing too out of the ordinary with respect to some of the usuals: GW2, ESO, and War Thunder.

Found myself a bit stressed late this week, so elected to relax with The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour (not a terribly elegant title). I don’t suppose any golf game could be considered a proper MMO, but it does offer online matches, groups, events, tournaments, and the like. The swing mechanics mean a controller is the best way to play. There are no 3-click options like most of the traditional fare.

I usually limit my comments to WRUP and One-Shots, because there is no real possibility I might become involved in any controversy. As a recovering alcoholic (years sober), I found leaving my career as a television news professional, staying off social media, Reddit, et al, were the most healthy ways to preserve my serenity (and sobriety).

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned over the last several years was to ask myself in all situations:
Does it need to be said?
Does it need to be said by me?
Does it need to be said by me right now?

I made the mistake of believing I might have something useful to contribute to Eliot’s fine column from 17 January:

Vague Patch Notes: Representation in games matters when you don’t see why it matters

I failed to realise in time that I’d violated the above principle.
I apologise to Eliot and everyone else who found the column so inspirational and helpful. I didn’t disagree with a word of it.

This will be my last post for the foreseeable future.
I’ll leave you with a screenshot from my golf-game outing this morning.
Peace be with you all.

Desktop Screenshot The Golf Club.jpg
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Is it a good golf game?


More importantly, can one wear a pink school girl outfit in this? o.O


Final Fantasy XIV will probably be the majority of my gaming time. Between dinking around on BLU, getting MGP towards the new mount/other stuff, and all the other things (like probably running Experts for tomestones and Ivalice for them upgrade coins) I’ve got a lot to do with the DBS Broly movie being the only thing that’ll likely peel me off for a few hours tomorrow.

In the event that something goes awry like how my ISP loves to just start dropping its Internet connection sporadically over the weekends, I’ve still got plenty of stuff to plug through with the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix collection in what’ll likely not be in-time preparation for Kingdom Hearts 3.


I’ve been kind of listless this week as my excitement for REmake 2 builds. Instead of playing many games I’ve mostly been watching The Office and Evangelion.

But I’ve been doing a few hunts on MHW still. I played Sword and Shield on the PS4 version, and that’s what I want to use when Iceborne launches later this year (assuming PC doesn’t have to wait again), so I’m working up my SnS arsenal. Gunlance is one of my favorite weapons but I’m starting to miss being agile, among other things.

Also still working through MSQ on FFXIV. Not a lot to say there.

I was going to get back into Endless Space 2, but it has some new DLC coming out in like five days, so I’m gonna wait. But RE2 will be out by then so I probably won’t play it at all now until another little while.

Bonus answer: I adored math in high school. I wasn’t very good at it, but I still loved it. It fascinated me. I took some math classes in college just so I could be more proficient, but I haven’t really used it since.


Still enjoying a run or two of Slay the Spire most days, the official launch is this week so I’ll be interested to see if much changes or is added.

Other than that, all Warframe. I was already hugely excited for the New War and Railjack, but after yesterday’s devstream showed off a bunch of other stuff they’re planning for 2019 that excitement has ramped up an order of magnitude!

Have finished dojo building and clan research (bar Hema), but there are still lots of dojo pigments to farm and while looking for efficient ways to farm Vomvalysts I discovered that Eidolon Teralysts are much easier to solo than I expected! With my super-tanky Inaros and a 100% crit chance Catchmoon kitgun I can now solo cap three Teralysts per night cycle, so am busy farming those to rank up my standing with the Quills and build a bunch of amps and arcanes. In between night cycles, fishing and mining on the Plains and Orb Vallis for the other resources I need for the amps and arcanes, and slowly ranking up my Vox Solaris standing with Toroid farming and Profit-Taker bounties.

I was an undiagnosed autistic kid (there was much, much less awareness of autism back in the 70s and 80s) with speech impediments, so the less said about the misery of my schooldays the better.