The Daily Grind: Do you wish more MMOs celebrated character birthdays?

happy birthday to me

It always struck me as a cute trick that the original Guild Wars gave your characters birthday presents. Sometimes they were even valuable birthday presents, seeing as how your characters had to be around for quite a while before they could pick up presents. It’s a little trick that I’m sad more MMOs haven’t picked up on, especially when it’s possible to have characters rack up no small amount of play time over the years.

Obviously, there are reasons why this isn’t the state of affairs. It’s a combination of how birthday gifts encourage you to fill up character slots immediately even if you might not want to play all of them and the reality that there are lots of MMOs not really designed around multi-year play much of the time. Still, there are titles where I’d love to see these sorts of things in operation, and not just because I’d be getting so many Final Fantasy XIV presents. What about you? Do you wish more MMOs celebrated character birthdays?

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Toy Clown

I love logging into GW2 after a year break and opening up a slew of character birthday prezzies! I think I have 8 or 9 characters and a current empty slot, so I don’t get as much birthday loot as the folks that have 40+ characters slots filled. (I can’t even imagine…)

Once a year I buy a new character slot when they go on sale, slap a character I have no intention to play on it, then collect the goodies on it when I do my yearly (or so) log in.

Besides, I have to put those free level books and scrolls to use. Make that a slew of level 80 characters I have no intention of playing. xD

Does not check email

You have spent x,xxx hours or x years playing this game.

…. good god, what have I done with my life?

Brown Jenkin

Yep, this is one of many features I adore about GW2.


I first noticed they birthday presents on MUDs, the Iron Realms one, on every single one my chars would get birthday present. Its a nice thing really


I never experienced this. Hmm. I’m such an Altaholic that this would be a very lucrative series of birthdays.

Sign me up!

Bryan Correll

Sweet Christmas no! It’s bad enough that they keep coming around in real life.

Fervor Bliss

The people in SL have “rez day” parties for your avatars B-day. Something your friends do, I find it more personal. If I remember correctly EQ2 did this for a long time too. (might be an account B-day not sure)

Robert Mann

I’d rather they just celebrated player birthdays. Easier to do, less character slot push, and you still get a cool little something.


Was it just your birthday Eliot?
Not terribly subtle?

Happy birthday, though.


Yes and no.

I’d like them to do account birthdays rather than character birthdays.

I have characters I really want to delete on Guild Wars 2 and make new ones there, but I’d lose out on like 5 years worth of birthday time they have built up. The gifts get better each year the longer the character exists.

So I keep characters I really don’t want to keep, taking up space on the account just because I don’t want to lose out on their built up birthday time.

Obviously if it was account based you’d get less presents (as you get gifts for each character that exists), but it would cause less stress and frustration over wanting to use the slots for something else and not being able to without losing out.