MapleStory 2 is retiring Toad’s Toolkit on January 31

When you've got tons of promo work to go back through.

The latest producer’s letter from MapleStory 2 describes Toad’s Toolkit as an experiment, an attempt by the designers to address a clear issue with gearing up as players reached endgame. However, it turned out that the Hard Adventure dungeons were serving as something of a stumbling block, so Toad’s Toolkit is being retired on January 31st. All existing Toolkits will be removed, no new ones will dropped, and the Hard dungeon reset counter will be reduced to 0. This appears to be part of the larger overhaul that’s been discussed for enchanting as a game mechanic.

In its place, a new event will be rolled out through the end of March offering double the drop rewards for any given Hard Adventure dungeon cleared. The developers acknowledge that this isn’t a perfect solution and welcome more feedback on it, but for the time being players should get ready to take on a different set of tasks for a different reward cadence in MapleStory 2. Actual player response has been contentious; some players are sad at the loss of an easy enchanting method in the soon-to-be-gone toolkits but appreciate the greater drop variety, while others have done the math and determined that high-enchantment items will become far harder to get. (The reset change in particular appears to be a sticking point.)