Guardians of Ember looks for a second chance as it starts closed beta testing


Will the second time around prove more successful than the first?

That’s what Gameforge is hoping with Guardians of Ember. You may recall this action-RPG from a couple of years ago, when Runewaker’s efforts launched as a buy-to-play product under Insel Games. That fizzled hard (and was booted off Steam over review manipulation), so Gameforge bought the rights to try again — but this time as a free-to-play title.

Guardians of Ember just went into closed beta for those who applied and were graced with a key. It describes itself as an “MMO/hack-n-slash blend” that offers four races, six classes, multi-classing, player housing, and PvP modes. Get re-acquainted with the game by viewing the trailer below!

Source: Guardians of Ember, Free MMO Station. Thanks Alexkayl and Austin!

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From what I remember when this was still being published by Insel Games, Runewaker Entertainment (the Taiwan dev team) didn’t really have a large staff remaining to work on the game. So unless they saw a major infusion of cash from this Gameforge publishing deal, it would not surprise me if the bulk of the transition work has been to simply get the game integrated with Gameforge’s back end business systems.

From the sounds of it for those trying this beta, the clunky combat hasn’t changed.


That did not look very entertaining.

Tanner Norris

I’ve played about 4 hours so far. Its….not good. Combat is clunky as hell.
Optimization is poor.
You’re constantly underleveled unless you spend excess time grinding.

Gameforge has lots to change

Mykal Quinn

yeah, I’ve got 12 hrs on the original, and while the character customization is great, the actual combat is garbage.


Same. Even sprung for a founders pack, but lost interest fast. Hell, I didn’t even know it shut down and changed hands; shows how vested I was…

Kickstarter Donor

If it’s largely unchanged from what it was when it was under Insel…then it is : /

Didn’t last too long when I played that version, so unless Gameforge is doing some serious work to it I don’t see much of a reason to give it a second go.