Guild Wars 2 developers discuss the big dramatic ending of the latest Living World episode

There are no spoilers in this image.

Who likes big surprises in video game stories? All right, now who likes having those big dramatic moments spoiled ahead of time? If the answer to those questions is “me” and “not me,” in order, do not check out this interview with the Guild Wars 2 team about the dramatic ending of the game’s latest Living World episode and definitely don’t watch the video down below before you’ve finished the episode. If you have already finished it, though, there’s a lot of fun information about the big finale.

While the writers behind the ending happily comment on fan theories, they also keep mum about several potential future developments while reiterating that the story isn’t over. And while they acknowledge that the big conclusion packs a big emotional gut-punch, the overall sense among the team is one of confidence; this was the natural direction of the story over time, and while it may be a shocking sequence of events, it’s something players feel makes sense in context. You can rewatch the ending cutscene below, but remember, it will be so full of spoilers if you’ve not finished the story.

Source: PC Gamer
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