Leaderboard: Do you think Bethsoft is going to take Fallout 76 free-to-play?


One of the claims floating around Reddit and YouTube is the claim that stores across the globe, from the UK to Australia to even Poland, are pulling and marking down their inventory of Fallout 76 boxes and not resupplying. Whether or not you buy the rumors – both EB Games Australia and Bethsoft are denying it outright – the implication is tantalizing: Some folks truly believe that Bethsoft is prepping a business model flip for the game in conjunction with the release of those unconfirmed datamined lockboxes.

It’s not even an idea without precedent; ZeniMax certainly had quite a bit more success with The Elder Scrolls Online once it adopted a more hybrid buy-to-play business model. But it could also be something else, like a box revamp, bad sales, or distribution problems.

Do you think Bethsoft is going to take Fallout 76 free-to-play? When? And… do you care? (You get multiple votes here!)

Leaderboard: Do you think Bethsoft is going to take Fallout 76 free-to-play?

  • Yeps (17%, 142 Votes)
  • Yeps, but not soon (14%, 114 Votes)
  • Maybe (10%, 83 Votes)
  • Nopes (11%, 93 Votes)
  • Dunno (3%, 26 Votes)
  • Don't care (18%, 151 Votes)
  • Hope not (10%, 83 Votes)
  • Hope so (9%, 75 Votes)
  • Something else (1%, 10 Votes)
  • No response / view tally (5%, 42 Votes)

Total Voters: 722

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Don’t care

I really don’t know much about the game as I don’t like the Fallout franchise, but going off the press coverage and forum rants it sounds like the game is just shit. A change in business model might bring in some extra money but if it’s truly as shit as everyone is making out then pressumably the free players will quit pretty quickly too.

Can we not just write this game off as yet another instance of game designers / execs being out of touch with the gaming community and move on?


Nah. Copies were pulled, probably because it just wasn’t selling. At some point you have to make shelf space for coming titles like RE2: remastered, Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem and Division 2.

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Patreon Donor

I’m pretty sure that was always the Plan, just not this soon. I already paid for it and kept it and play it and Enjoy it($39.99). As long as they keep adding content down the line I don’t care what they do.

serena anita

Honestly, i don’t care about Fallout 76. I was going to PO, but I’m glad i didn’t. And after all things happen, I don’t care about it anymore. If Bethesda is going to make it paytoplay-paytowin game, like SWBF2 previously, I’m not surprised. After all shitty things Bethesda done recently, I won’t buy their future game before playing pirated version, and maybe, just maybe, buy them when discount. Recent stunts by Bethesda been hurtful to fans. From trashy game, trashy bags, trashy PR.. if things didn’t blow up, Bethesda just give 50 atoms as compensation. Fck this shit. And if FO76 goes free within this year or even next, Bethesda clearly doesn’t give fck about fans who paid for it. Well maybe, just maybe, the fans will be compensated, with around 50 atoms. Yeah, that’s how much you,the fans, are worth for Bethesda.

Aiun Tanks

They just shot the rumour down definitively over Twitter, so there’s that to factor in as well. ‘Not soon, anyway’ at best, for anyone hoping for a F2P conversion.

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

This does not make sense, though. Sure, they might make it “f2p”, but then how would they generate money? No sane, rational person would bother wasting $$$ on “Atom Shop” cosmetics since it is so easy to mod this game since it uses slightly newer version of engine from FO3/FO4, so people who care about cosmetics will just wait for custom servers which would allow these kind of user-created mods for everyone, potentially with automatic updates where the mod would be pushed to each person who would want to connect to server. Same goes for lootboxes if they will contain cosmetic items.

John Kiser

A lot of the atom shop items can be found in world too so it is just speeding it up.

Kickstarter Donor

Yeps, but don’t actually care: Elf Butts drive me nuts.


Considering all the physical standard versions are not being replenished in stock in amazon of all places (but they’re still selling the digital code), and there are still a ton of physical versions of everything BUT that version, it feels like it might.

What this all reminds me of, is APB. When they went all over the place with their price model, and it eventually went from buying the copy, to just buying game time, to it eventually going F2P. Obviously different circumstances, but I still get that vibe of it going cheap in shops, while also being hard to find a copy of.

Also, when GW2 went F2P, was the lack of stock in store also an indicator of it turning to that payment model?

Malcolm Swoboda

Yes, or at least on such heavy discount that it almost may as well be. Like TESO PC 2014 players were like the testers for the more proper 2015 TESO and better 2016 TESO, I can see 2019, up to 2020 FO76 introducing the ‘proper’ game for better or worst. More fixes, more content and features, but more nudges to grind/pay.