Crowfall takes inventory in its latest dev diary

Slash heal.

Ahh, the humble inventory. It’s a feature often taken for granted in MMOs; after all, you’ve gotta have somewhere to keep all of that loot. But any crafter or packrat – err, collector – knows just how important it is. So do the folks at ArtCraft Entertainment, which is why the latest Crowfall dev diary is all about inventory.

In the game, players will have access to three different inventories: the Personal Inventory, which is basically your character’s backpack and which contains all of the items carried on your person; the Spirit Bank, which is an account-wide inventory accessible by all of your characters, depending on the ruleset of the current campaign; and the World Bank, which is “represented by chests located at forts, keeps, and the faction temple.”

The Spirit Bank, of course, is probably the safest place to keep your valuables, but since access to it can be gated based on campaign rulesets, it’s not always the best place to store items you want to keep on-hand. The Personal and World Inventories, by contrast, are more readily accessible, but items carried on your person can be looted if you’re killed in PvP. From the sounds of things, however, World Inventories are generally safe, so if you can get your precious cargo back to a faction-controlled fort, you’ll be able to stow it safely for future use (or for later transfer to your Spirit Bank). To learn more about the different inventory types and the roles they’ll play in the greater ecosystem of Crowfall, you can get all the fine details over at the game’s official site.


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Hikari Kenzaki

Anyone who thinks Inventory isn’t important, here is 143 minutes of MJ and chat managing her inventory in Secret World Legends :)

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As much as I liked TSW when I was playing – ugh really, really bad inventory system. I can only imagine a packrat like our beloved MJ dealing with it.

Malcolm Swoboda

Inventory woes are about half the reason I take time away from SWL.