Trove’s Crystal Combat update is finally coming to console in February


One of Trove’s best features since releasing on console years ago, in my estimation anyway, was that its PC and console updates were always pushed out in close proximity to each other, so nobody felt like the red-headed stepchild. And thought Gamigo promised “new content on a regular basis” for all of the MMOs it bought after Trion imploded, console parity didn’t happen, so PC players have been in Trove’s Crystal Combat (U10) since December 18th – without their console brethren.

As it turns out, the console launch has been pushed all the way back to February 5th. But it is coming.

As we’ve previously noted, the update adds a new biome with three different maps based on it (Cerise Sandsea, Hollow Dunes, and Weathered Wasteland), plus two additional stats (light and dark, though the only ones players will see is light), new five-star dungeons, crystal rarity on gear, and a pair of new dragons. And players will discover some significant changes to the game’s gem system, complete with plenty of RNG and time-gating and reasons to buy stuff from the cash shop.

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