Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s Valentione’s Day festivities

Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s Valentione’s Day festivities

There’s something sinister in the wings in Final Fantasy XIV. Something strange is happening with the world’s aether, causing magics to behave strangely in little ways. A mysterious ailment seems to be afflicting the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Garlemald is pushing against the border of Ala Mhigo in an effort to retake the nation. So now is the perfect time to run around and celebrate Valentione’s Day, that fabled holiday of love and affection! But it’s all right, this year your rewards are a knife and a sword.

Yes, really, the big events rewards are a new greatsword and a Culinarian version of a Tonberry knife. Those who don’t play either can still gain access to new foods for use within player housing as well as a stuffed mammet, so there’s still some new decorations to obtain. Check out the event page for a few more teases of the event before it goes live on January 31st.

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Toy Clown

I bet the weapons are a lead-up to the coming expansion, all that darkness and stuff! Either that, or over-worked, over-fanfested and cranky devs not liking gamers for all the overtime currently might have had a warped sense of humor creating these to make themselves feel okay about the whole over-worked thing!

The rewards this year are not the greatest, but maybe eating the food will give us a decoration tool with the leftover setting.


Weird rewards. Seems almost like something they just threw in because they didn’t have anything else for Valentine’s Day in time.

Vincent Clark

Agreed, unless there is a connection somehow to the story which is possible. SE has never been one to shy away from the weird :)


“For that special, murderous someone in your life”


The events this year are really bizarre. Given the Gigas Shield and Gigas Axe and one more Gigas weapon that is sold in the Gold Saucer for MGP, it almost seems like they made an oopsie and forgot to put this Gigas Sword into that vendor’s supply, so they just put it here….

The knife can be fun though, although it’s still a weird reward that you’d not see too much. The Yandere Knife could’ve been a thing for ninjas too, since they don’t really have a kitchen knife glamour.

Kawaii Five-O

I miss when events gave cute, new accessories.

Really wish they would make accessories again for some of the events that don’t have outfits or mounts like they used to–especially now that all new accessories from content are job-locked. And while, yes, The Rising last year had accessories, those were just re-releases from 1.x.

The last time an event had new accessories as a reward was Valentione’s 2016. Three years ago.