Kickstarted sci-fi MMOFPS Pantropy will hit early access on January 31


Hey, remember Pantropy? We first began covering this sci-fi MMOFPS back in 2017; since then, it’s run two Kickstarters, the first of which was canceled and the second of which overshot it goal by a lot to score nearly $90,000 US to fund development. And now, it’s just about time to hit early access – that, according to developer Brain Stone, is happening at the tail end of the month on January 31st.

“We have been a bit quiet during the last weeks as we were focusing on some core mechanics of the game,” the devs wrote earlier in January. “We had to adress a few basic issues that would be hard to fix after release.” That apparently includes improvements to networking and server performance as well as bug fixes for buildings and doors. Androids won’t make it into the early access launch, however.

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Source: SteamDev blog via MMORPG
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