Daybreak opens PlanetSide Arena closed beta signups, promises forums next week

Why must life be so hard?

Daybreak’s announcement yesterday that it’s delayed PlanetSide Arena’s early access launch from January 29th to March 26th didn’t seem to surprise any MMO players in our audience. “We ultimately decided taking extra time to supplement our feature set, fully optimize engine performance, and improve server infrastructure was absolutely necessary to deliver the quality, polished game the PlanetSide community deserves,” the studio explained.

That was a bummer, but Daybreak did note that it was still planning closed beta for January 30th, and today it posted just how to get in. You’re guaranteed access to all of the tests if youu pre-order the game, of course, but you can sign up for a freebie slot on the official site. It does sound like there will be multiple brief beta windows throughout the test period, and you’ll be starting off with the battle royale’s Solos mode, at least during this round.

Daybreak further says it’s launching forums for the game on the 30th alongside the beta, which actually is pretty good news, given the company’s past history with disseminating info on social media instead.

“The forums will serve as our main hub for all feedback and gameplay discussion – our Dev and Community teams will be reading and interacting throughout Beta (and beyond), and we can’t stress enough how important your feedback is. Everything from bug reporting to balance issues to mode suggestions is fair game! With your help, we can identify what we need to improve and adjust to get the game ready for launch.”


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Hmm. As a member outside of their target audience, I shrug in their general direction. Heh .

This beta, is it free?

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It’s guaranteed access if you preorder, otherwise it’s a roll of the dice.


That was a bummer.

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“That was a bummer”

Said no one.

Bruno Brito