Red Dead Online fixes its battle royale matchmaking, hands out gold bars


We all know from history class that the wild west was won via a series of 32-player battle royale matches that happened across the mesas and plains. And while history didn’t always features the most fair stand-offs, Red Dead Online is trying to even the odds somewhat with an improved matchmaking system for Gun Rush.

“Following the launch of the new Gun Rush mode, we identified a few matchmaking issues, some of which we have addressed with short-term improvements and all of which we are working towards more permanent and proper fixes for in the longer term,” Rockstar posted. “The minor improvements should help generate fuller lobbies and we will add more fixes in upcoming title updates.”

Past this month, Rockstar is working on a content update that will include proximity-based player blips, parley changes, law and bounty improvements, and daily challenges. The studio is also handing out five free gold bars to anyone who logs onto the game this weekend, so be a 49er and go rush for that freebie!

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Just got an xbox 1s cheap will be putting this on for sure at some point, a rediculous amount of crazy play opportunities.