APB Reloaded bans a ‘significant’ number of cheaters

You look develop-y.

In a game that’s all about crime and breaking the law, there’s one line you don’t cross.

APB Reloaded’s new owners announced that a “significant amount of accounts” due to cheating. Little Orbit used its BattlEye anti-cheating system to detect the offenders and then moved quickly to remove them from the scene.

“Overall, this wasn’t a lot of players, but it was a large amount of accounts,” said the company. “A number of very unhappy players today learned that all their progress and even real money spent on the game was lost, and they wont be able to participate in engine upgrade or any of the other new content coming.”

Little Orbit said that it doesn’t want to catch up innocent players in the ban wave and encourages those who feel that they were unfairly ejected from the game to petition support for a review.


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Mr Poolaty

This game would’ve been the shit in 1999 …

Mykal Quinn

I used to love this game back in the day, I wonder if it’s gotten any better. (Probably hasn’t.)

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Until I saw this post, I genuinely thought they’d shuttered it after the last rescue! Glad to see it’s still going. :)

Kickstarter Donor

LoL, DDOS incoming!


And all those cheaters immediately created new F2P accounts and continued to cheat.


I’ve stopped playing after false positive account suspension for couple days for cheating in APB – and I have no clue how they could even come up with the idea of cheating for a player with like 1:5 K/D ratio? (I’m somewhat bad in APB) Of course, I didn’t even had a single kick from BattleEye prior to the suspension – probably because I’ve played on sterile laptop purchased just a week before returning to APB, without any hacky soft installed.

Now I’m going to wait couple years before entering the game again – I don’t want to risk all the premium stuff I got on my account. The new team just don’t have an expertise to differ false positives from actual cheating.