Fortnite changes its PvE lockboxes to be more transparent


Do you keep forgetting that Fortnite has a PvE Save the World mode? Don’t worry if that’s the case — the entire globe pretty much does as well. Yet Epic Games keeps plugging away at Battle Royale’s much-less-popular older sibling, and one of the studio’s recent changes has to do with how lockboxes function in that mode.

Don’t worry, it’s actually a really good change. Instead of keeping the contents of these RNG curse factories a secret until players pony up money to open them, Epic is making some of its lockboxes (termed “Llamas”) fully transparent. That’s right: Players can see what’s inside of these special “X-Ray Llamas” before buying them on the store. They don’t like what’s on display? Then they can hold off for another day’s store rotation.

It’s important to note that this change doesn’t apply to other type of lockboxes, just the X-Ray ones. Epic is giving players five free Llama upgrade tokens when they try out this new lockbox system.

Source: Fortnite via Kotaku

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Fenrir Wolf

It’s a good start.

I don’t have much nice to say about Epic usually as their business tactics can be quite shady and, if I’m honest, from the position of a programmer their engine just isn’t that great. I feel Unity’s caught up and even overtaken it at this point, which is why they teamed up with Improbable to try a ploy of piratical corporate shenanigans with Improbable.

Sadly, that’s backfired on Improbable because developers are now working on removing SpatialOS from their games. As we’ve already seen. Which is, honestly, for the best if that’s the sort of naughtiness they’ll be getting up to. It’s almost as unsanitary as patent trolling.

Still, this is a first good step. And at least they aren’t trying low-down, skeevy, shady ArenaNet approach that irks me so. Selling an expensive mini and bundling a “free” lootbox with it. I hope the EU legislation (when it happens, as it most certainly will happen) accounts for that, too.

And I admit, I approve of their werewolf character, Dire. I’m just not one to ever play competitive games. Well, unless it’s Tetris, Bomberman, Puzzle Bobble, Super Puzzle Fighter, board games, or Prop Hunt (I love Witch It’s take on this, too). I suppose it’s more fair to say I don’t play competitive games which are likely to turn toxic.

I am prone to a bit of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed too, though I’m not nearly as skilled at it as my partner.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. This is a good start. I just hope that when the EU introduces their legislature, it’s as all encompassing as it needs to be to catch any unseemly, slithering, suit-encrusted attempts at eking their way around it. The wording needs to declare that no purchase of digital goods can include any element of RNG; that all must be laid bare.

The cynical part of me is saying that Epic is counting on an all-encompassing ban, but I hope at the same time that they realised that they might as well stop being so predatory. Which is a ridiculous hope, especially of a company like Epic, but naive idealism is something that separates us from the dark triad monsters, in much the same way cutlery separates us from the apes.

I mean, certainly, also a conscience, empathy, a solid understanding of ethics, guilt, a capacity for kindness unmotivated by personal gain, a decent level of emotional intelligence, and so on. Those, too, separate us from the dark triad monsters. All of them are important. It’s just that possessing an iota of naive idealism is so oft forgotten.


Still, this is a first good step. And at least they aren’t trying low-down, skeevy, shady ArenaNet approach that irks me so. Selling an expensive mini and bundling a “free” lootbox with it. I hope the EU legislation (when it happens, as it most certainly will happen) accounts for that, too.

You don’t understand the 420 IQ points businesses are ahead of legislation.

The next big shift is companies will move the RNG into the games itself. So for example instead of buying an RNG box where you get an RNG mount you’ll instead be able to raise a mount through in game means for free but the results are RNG of what mount you’ll get. Oh and, by the way, if you buy these magic beans in the cash shop and feed it to your mount while raising it has an increased chance of becoming a special mount.

See it’s gambling, but it ain’t.

John Kiser

UE4 is still better in many ways than unity. Unity is getting there for sure, but they do need to attempt some better discourse when they are dealing with developers and people making third party tools for their engine.

IronSalamander8 .

I haven’t played in a bit but I really enjoy the save the world mode, far more than the FFA portion. It’s pretty fun, especially with a couple friends to help you out and add some synergy of abilities.


It goes further; while Llamas (AKA lootboxes) obtained from gameplay will still be blindboxes, the company is completely removing the possibility of purchasing blindbox Llamas with real money; you will always know what you will be getting before you spend money in the game’s lootboxes, including seeing if the lootbox will be randomly upgraded and what will come out of the upgrade in that case. Epic is also removing bulk purchases of Llamas for real money, so you are shown the content of each individual Llama before you click that “purchase” button.

It should be noted that the game already had duplication prevention; it will only give you a duplicated item if you already have every possible item from whichever category and rarity was rolled. The example given is that if it rolls a Legendary Shotgun, it will only be a repeated one if you already have every single legendary shotgun that could be obtained from the Llama.

Incidentally, this change should make the game compatible with Belgium gambling legislation.