New Destiny 2 update retools and rebalances supers, heralds the return of The Last Word


There are some changes coming to Destiny 2 in tomorrow’s update, and they’re pretty big — super, even. That’s right, the update will bring with it the changes to Guardian supers that were first previewed a couple of weeks ago. The changes are pretty extensive, so we won’t list them all here, but the long and short of it is this: The Hunter’s Blade Barrage and the Warlock’s Nova Warp are both getting their damage nerfed, while all the other supers will be getting their damage buffed.

But the changes aren’t as simple as raising or lowering damage; many subclasses are also receiving changes to some of their perks as well. The post notes that players can probably expect even more tuning and adjustments in the future, but for now, this update intends to get all of the subclasses into roughly the same ballpark to make further rebalancing a bit easier.

And on top of the tweaks to supers, tomorrow’s update will also introduce a new Exotic quest, The Draw, which heralds the triumphant return of the (in)famous Last Word hand cannon. If you just can’t wait to see everyone’s favorite fast-firing revolver in action, though, Bungie has released a short teaser showing it off. Attentive Guardians will also note that The Last Word isn’t the only gun on display here, as the closing shots of the video tease the arrival of yet another classic hand cannon — the notorious Thorn. You can check it out for yourself on the Destiny Twitter page.


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Sigh. Of course they’d nerf the damage on the Hunter class’ Blade Barrage super power — it was only the best “ultra” power I’ve ever had in a game. :-|

And you know, Hunters needed a “mass damage area” power like Blade Barrage (for those who don’t play Destiny 2, your character leaps into the air and throws out a fan of what are essentially “energy knives” in an arc in front of themselves), because Solar-based Hunters generally don’t have any substantial area-of-effect powers (Hunters tend to focus on “precision” damage to single targets a lot of the time).

Blade Barrage saved my butt on so many occasions, especially in group co-op missions because the AI enemies tend to get really swarmy.

I’m guessing the power was considered “too good” in PvP? That’s what usually gets powers nerfed in games which share the same characters in PvE and PvP, isn’t it?

Now, I suppose, Blade Barrage will simply irritate most of the swarmy bad monsters rather than obliterating them– making them want to kill me even faster.


My grumpy opinion, anyway, :-)



I did hear a ton of complaints about it after the Mayhem pvp weekend thingy. Personally I think I’ll be swapping back to Ye Olde Orpheus Rig Hunter after the patch. Slinging knives was fun while it lasted. RIP.

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