Skyforge plans Valentine’s Day event, delays new planet to March


It’s been a hot minute since we covered Skyforge, but’s MMORPG is still zooming along in the wake of its bard class launch last year. The studio’s tweaked roadmap for early 2019 outlines a number of events and updates on the way in the next couple of months.

“At the end of January, the invasion of the Oceanids will come to a close and all immortals can prepare themselves already for a new Season and the Reapers of Death invasion,” says the studio. “Additionally, with the next invasion, the equipment system will undergo several major changes. We originally announced in November for the Oceanid Invasion but took a step back as the first tests yielded not the expected results and will be released with the Reaper Invasion instead.”

In February, expect the culmination of the Pantheon war and the Mysteries of Love Valentine’s Day event and cosmetics. Apparently, originally planned to launch a new planet in February, but it turned out to be “bigger than [it] expected,” so that’s been delayed to March. “This update will hold many new additions starting with the aforementioned new planet and enemy race to new objectives and resources!” the company vows.

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Recently the game has shifted from 0.98 to 0.99 version code. Hopefully, it’ll get to 1.00 (i.e. non-alpha) completed variant in the next decade – and it’ll be actually good, unlike present iteration where you cannot kill anything without god form – unless you buy and use two totally non-p2w classes.

Jack Kerras

Ever since Skyforge moved away from its atlas system, I totally lost the plot.

I have not even -begun- to recover from that; the new system is so different, and I’m generally so powerful because of all my sunk costs, that I have no heavenly idea how to proceed and every time I try to figure it out, I end up shrugging and going to play something else.

I don’t think the atlas system was better, necessarily! I just… have no idea what they’re going for with the new system, and their twenty totally separate but still relevant currency types are just impenetrable to me.

Easy Rider
Easy Rider

I think Atlas wasn’t system, rather one of interface things. So anyway I hope for new mechanics in new expansion.