World of Warcraft is bringing in Free T-Shirt Day as a micro-holiday in patch 8.1.5

Demon Hunters HATE this holiday

If you’re not happy with the state of World of Warcraft at the moment, perhaps what would change your mind are free shirts. It couldn’t hurt, right? Hence the addition of the Free T-Shirt Day as a new micro-holiday, which is the first micro-holiday allowing players to get permanent rewards in the form of… well, shirts. New epic gear it is not, but it’s still free shirts! It should make non-Demon Hunters happy.

The holiday itself has NPCs walking through Orgrimmar and Stormwind firing little wrapped bundles of shirt goodness, which can be picked up to acquire a variety of different extant shirts in the game. You can also get the temporary title “T-Shirt Enthusiast” if you do, in fact, have a shirt equipped at the time when you pick up a shirt. So if you want more shirts but don’t want to do the work to get them through other ways, look forward to following someone with a shirt cannon around for a while. Everybody needs a hobby.

Source: Icy Veins

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Hmmm, free t-shirts as a way to distract from the problems and disappointments connected to the BfA (“Big F*ck All”?) expansion?

Feels kinda like it from here. Bread and Circuses. Spring Break In Azeroth. Take yer pick.

I’m not coming back until the game rights itself .

Not cranky — just trying to be a tad cheeky (and probably failing, alas).



I am not… sure the shirts are actually permanent, that’d be a departure from their current design ethic of cosmetic rewards from events being only usable during the event

Baby steps, I suppose!