Fallout 76 patches in nerfs for explosions, hard carry weight limits, and a ton of bug fixes

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If you can set aside the fuss over the incoming March Survival mode, Fallout 76 has a patch for you right now with stuff that matters today. In addition to a rather long list of bug fixes and exploit tamp-downs and quality-of-life tweaks for PvP and events, there’s a round of balance changes for folks who like to specialize in blowing stuff up.

“In looking at the Demolition Expert, White Knight, and Licensed Plumber perks, we felt they have so far been overperforming in their current roles, and we wanted to bring them more in line with similar perks to help prevent them from feeling like mandatory picks,” Bethsoft says.

Carry weight is also changing, now capped to hard limit 1500 pounds over the character’s current maximum carry weight.

“These limits exist primarily to keep servers from performing poorly, which can happen when we have too many items in the game world. They also play role in helping to regulate the in-game economy. We do recognize the desire to be able to own more of the cool items that we have in the game, and we are looking into a variety of solutions, including increasing the stash size. We will be sure to talk more about this when they are ready.”

Source: Patch notes
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