First Rend patch of 2019 overhauls archery with new projectile weapon mechanics


The first patch of 2019 for Norse-flavored survival game Rend goes live today, bringing with it a comprehensive reworking of the game’s archery mechanics as well as updates to crafting and, of course, a whole bunch of bug fixes. The main draw of the update is the archery revamp, which brings sweeping changes to both the feel and performance of bows in the game.

Bows can now be drawn and held without aiming down sights, allowing players to take more time to line up their shots. Which is good, as aiming might be a bit more difficult now that bows are no longer hitscan weapons; instead, they’ll perform a bit more like one might expect, with the arrow’s damage, velocity, range, and trajectory determined by how far back it’s drawn before being released.

And now that bows function as proper projectile weapons, the devs have implemented a few new projectile-related mechanics: For starters, projectile weapons like bows can now deal critical damage, and their damage is affected by distance-based falloff. In addition, “projectile weapons logic has been reworked to more reliably send the projectile to where the player is aiming,” which is always a nice feature of any projectile-based armament.

On top of implementing the the archery overhaul, the patch also updates some items and crafting recipes. Shademoss and ichorpods no longer exist and are therefore no longer required for crafting recipes. Moreover, the ammunition crafting tree has been “cleaned up,” just in time for players to restock their quivers and take the new bow mechanics for a spin. To check out the full details on all of the update’s changes and fixes, you can read the patch notes over at the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes
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