Haven and Hearth prepares for a world reset on February 1

Oh, right.

The current iteration of the world for Haven and Hearth is the 10th version of the game world, and it’s been running for quite some time. But this doesn’t mean that the game can’t get a reset, and on February 1st the 11th version will roll out to address a number of issues. Food imbalances and long-standing system buildup will both be addressed by the reset, as well as the simple fat that world resets are exciting and fun to experience.

For those of you who’ve forgotten about this particular title, it’s a crafting-based MMO with a simple look, a lot of depth, and in just a couple of days it’s going to have a new world.

Players are reminded to stash any important items they wish to keep before the reset happens, just to make sure nothing gets demolished in the surge of the reset. It’ll be a big event, considering how even the designers acknowledge that world 10 may have gone on a bit longer than it should have. But that also means that world 11 is the perfect time to catch up, and it’s happening in just a couple of days.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Panagiotis for the tip!

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I don’t think I’ve forgotten about this particular title, rather I’ve never heard of it before. Based on the header image though I’ll file it in the generic 2d eclipse-origins looking mmorg category where it’ll likely remain with the others collecting dust.

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I like some of the art work – but oddly the main character and the title don’t look good at all. Seeing how those are the most forward-facing I’d work on those as a priority. Especially the title graphic. It isn’t easy to look at.