Star Citizen addresses crashes as testers recap the player-run Daymar Rally


Star Citizen’s alpha has been plagued with stability issues in its latest build, and you might be tempted to think, duh, it’s an alpha, it’s not meant to be stable. It turns out that some of the crashes are intentional. As CIG told players on Spectrum this weekend,

“We do this for two reasons, one is that rather than leave game servers in a state where no one could connect to them, the game client causing the disconnection error gets removed. At the same time, that crash dump can sometimes give us an idea as to what needs to be fixed. So in that situation it’s actually better to have it crash. We have similar situations for the game server as well where we will have put an intentional crash into the game code if a specific kind of circumstance happens so that we can get better debug info on how to fix what’s going wrong.”

In community news, Star Citizen backers held the massive Daymar Rally this past weekend.¬†Yes, huge player-run events in an alpha! Dozens of players participated in the buggy race, with security forces on hand, commentators, and even commercials. It doesn’t sound like it was entirely without problems – apparently, crashes and disorganization were bigger issues than griefing – but it was still a huge achievement for a title that isn’t even launched yet. Expect more footage as folks compile it, but here’s a bit now:

Commercial from Daymar Rally – Altama Energy HydrogenPlus (by Hasgaha, UthoRiley and DamnShame) from starcitizen

Source: Spectrum. Thanks, DK and Natalyia!
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