Camelot Unchained’s newsletter looks at the small parts building larger things

It's not quite so much of a model after all.

If there’s one theme to the latest Camelot Unchained newsletter (and as always, it’s a lengthy newsletter), it’s the reality that there are lots of moving parts involved in making an MMO. And all it takes for things to go wrong is for one part to be out of whack; the art section of the newsletter shows off just what happens when the coding for one piece of armor is wrong, turning a character into a blob of tentacles and texture errors instead of an actual character. And there are lots of pieces of art to check there.

The newsletter also covers the building of bigger things from little pieces in the form of the ability builder, breaking down each individual ability into component elements and coding the game to adjust for them. There’s also a section on the game’s BPOs, objects meant to be seen as part of a building without having to be individually sculpted out of fiddly blocks, such as chairs. Check out the full newsletter for all the details on how the little things come together to make one finished product.

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Dean Greenhoe

Looking good. 3,500 clients in a single battle sounds phenomenal. Based on my understanding, this equates to a more realistic battlefield with 1,000+ players along with spell effects, projectiles, BPO’s, siege equipment, smoke, rubble NPC animals, wagons, ammunition, resources and so much more.

This sounds like the base game engine can handle whatever a huge number of players can through at it.


I’d imagine ya. Even the largest sieges would likely rarely go over 2k minus the rare super siege. My main hope is for the game to flesh out in all areas nicely but it sounds like siege warfare will be epic and on a scale never seen before.

It’s frustrating having to wait but CU is doing callouts for Beta 2 players and are on a real push to get the fleshy bits of the game built now. Outside of refined game play, which basically doesn’t exist yet, the open warfare mechanics are already blowing players minds based upon their previous game expectations. There is no doubt that the core engine capabilities are impressive and innovative.

I don’t believe even those following the game closely understand the scale these battles are capable of. Being in the middle of a siege with weapons and magic firing from half a mile away, you can see everything at any distance, sounds and explosions going off everywhere and buildings collapsing brick by brick and you die if they fall on you. Perhaps 6 months out still for those wanting a more fleshed out Beta experience with more solid class concepts, finished skill systems and animations.


Both great posts, made me more excited about the game <3

Adil Ejaz

Genuinely believe if they pull off a siege with 1,000 people meaning with all SFX and VFX. This will be the most epic MMO for siege warfare. What are the stats….
* Guild Wars 2 Maximum a 300 (It is less than that I know. Like 50 each side is a stutter fest).
* ESO – Dont even know. Just getting into Cyrodiil was a hastle for me. It never played well and I never enjoyed it much.

Which other MMO comes to mind for such siege warfare?