Ship of Heroes upgrades to Unreal Engine 4.21 for a plethora of features

Look better.

Upgrading versions of game engines is never terribly interesting. The one advantage for Ship of Heroes in this regard is that the nature of the title’s development means that “incremental tech improvements” is actually something fans will expect from any given patch, which makes the update on the game skipping ahead by three versions of the Unreal Engine to 4.21 contains some pretty juicy information. Sure, it’s behind-the-scenes technical stuff, but that’s normal at this stage.

And it’s a useful suite of technical improvements, including the ability to incorporate assets from Paragon (not the outfits, but other assets), advances to FX systems, dynamic links for FPS scaling to help optimization, and new multiplayer game features like DDoS mitigation and replication graphs. Check out the full rundown of the benefits for this engine upgrade, or just rest assured that it’s all good upgrades for the game even if they’re all the behind-the-scenes sorts of upgrades.

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