That ancient ArcheAge consumer lawsuit against Trion reveals possible rebrand

Oh great.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been covering a player-led lawsuit against Trion Worlds. Back in 2015, three gamers alleged that Trion violated consumer laws, falsely advertised a 10% founder perk discount for its cash shop, and broke California’s illegal lottery law in regard to ArcheAge. The lawsuit has creeped onward for years as Trion sought to force the case into arbitration.

And then? Well, in October, Trion Worlds imploded and offloaded all of its assets, including its MMOs, directly to Gamigo. Or so we thought. As MMO Fallout reports, the latest update in the case is a new batch of subpoenaed documents that show another group, Golden Gate Games, Inc., might have also picked up some Trion assets in the firesale.

“In their review of the Asset Purchase Agreement produced by ABC, Plaintiffs identified at least one additional entity that may currently possess Trion assets: Golden Gate Games Inc. Plaintiffs intend to serve Golden Gate Games With document and deposition subpoenas. Plaintiffs also intend to investigate Whether any individual officers or owners of Trion may be liable to Plaintiffs and the proposed class as result of the asset transfer or otherwise. Plaintiffs have been unable to serve Gamigo with subpoena.”

So who the heck is Golden Gate Games? It’s particularly confusing as it appears to have once been a company that ports western-built mobile titles to China, but it doesn’t seem to still be in operation and doesn’t seem to be the company being talked about here. RIFT website The Ghar Station previously noted that Golden Gate Games, Inc., appeared to be a brand-new Gamigo subsidiary formed to house what was left of Trion here in the US, given Linkedin updates that show former Trion folks now working there. So that explains that.

Source: MMO Fallout. Cheers, Kinya!

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Remove all but costumes and mounts from cash shop, including apex. Next, make sub only servers. AA will then easily become an MMO to be reckoned with. Why they refuse to do this comes directly from arrogance and pride, they wont risk SUCCESS because it would make them look wrong.


RIP Archeage Alpha. You are sorely missed.

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I hope that these three brave individuals follow the scumbags at Trion to the ends of the earth. For nothing more than the fact they are all scumbags.

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Another day, another company dodges consequences.


Just another day on the planet- :(