EverQuest II rejuvenates PvP with a new seasonal server


Can PvP spark the fires of excitement for EverQuest II’s community? Daybreak is hoping so, as the studio is bringing back the Nagafen server on February 5th to focus on player vs. player combat.

The free-for-all, factionless, and free-trade PvP server is building upon lessons learned from Daybreak’s Deathtoll server. It’ll be a progression server of sorts, offering three-month “seasons” that start with the base game and go up through the first couple of expansions. Daybreak is making things more interesting by allowing players to earn unique titles and special armor and adding in-game scoreboards. Daybreak said that players will earn the most XP by downing other gamers rather than mobs.

“We are rebalancing early game itemization and implementing custom rulesets that will allow for tailored itemization on unique servers,” Daybreak said. “This means we can tune the content to more closely resemble original PvE and PvP combat. We are bringing the stats closer to how they were at launch so that items complement PvP and do not ‘make or break’ anyone’s experience.”

Interested? As with most all of Daybreak’s special server types, you’ll need to have a subscription to access it.

Source: EverQuest II. Thanks Freddy and Wilhelm!
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