FFXIV Fan Festival Paris 2019: Liveblog of the opening keynote


It’s four in the morning here on the East Coast. We’ve got a live stream loaded. We’ve got some big revelations to see. Yes, it’s the opening keynote of Final Fantasy XIV’s fan festival in Paris, the second one in the pre-Shadowbringers cycle, and we’re here for it! By which I mean I am here for it, watching live, and providing commentary as it happens. Because apparently when I looked into my heart, this is how I wanted to start my Saturday.

As usual when we liveblog, the updates will be in the comments; unlike when we do our annual liveblogs for another major event, this one will not have someone carefully cleaning up the summary afterwards; you’ll have to wait until later for that. Although odds are that you’re probably waiting until later anyhow, but still, let’s all dive into the comments and see what the new reveals are for Final Fantasy XIV’s third expansion!

The keynote and liveblog are now over; check out our complete summary right here!

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