MMOs you’ve never heard of: The Warhorn, Hammers End, Auteria, and Antaria Online


On the prowl for an indie RPG gem or two in the rough? We’ll start this edition of obscure MMOs with The Warhorn, which sounds a bit like a medieval life simulator. You’ll take on the role of a newly minted adventurer who is attempting to establish a village while collaborating with others, exploring the world, and solving puzzles.

The $20 multiplayer game, which was developed by two Polish guys, just launched on Steam early access this week and will remain there until early 2020. The Warhorn definitely boasts a very colorful cartoony art style, and it’s encouraging to see the developers geek out over exploration and puzzles over straight-up combat.

If your budget is demanding a free-to-play experience, you might want to check out The Hammers End. This MMORPG offers a wide-open persistent world, public dungeons, and playable woodland races.

And if you can stand some rough edges, Auteria offers a quirky fantasy adventure through its free-to-play open beta. The game started development back in 2007 and hasn’t pushed out a patch since 2010 (but a new patch supposedly is on the way).

MMO blog Inventory Full gave this title a try and had this to say: “The whole game has the sweetly idiosyncratic sense of being someone’s passion project. It wasn’t much of a surprise, digging into the depths of the web page, to find that, like Project Gorgon, Auteria is the result of the hard work of a real-life couple, Thomas and Elke.”

Finally, you may have actually heard of Antaria Online, which is a terrifically cute MMO that’s been working its way through early access for a while (and only costs a buck). The team frequently patches this game, and a January 27th update added Gallant armor, the Chef’s Guild, and food.

Source: The Warhorn, Antaria, The Hammers End, Auteria. Thanks so much to Bhagpuss and Kinya!
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