Final Fantasy XIV’s collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV arrives in mid-April


If you’re one of the people who has been waiting eagerly for the crossover event between Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV, you will have to keep waiting… until mid-April. That’s when the collaboration event between the two titles comes to the world of Hydaelyn. And if you haven’t actually been waiting up to this point, you may want to start waiting, as the one reward we currently know of from the event is a four-person car mount which can also fly.

So what will you need to do to claim the car? We don’t know yet; the trailer offers no further insights about the event as it was unveiled at the game’s fan festival in Paris, but it does show a lot of fighting against FFXV enemies. Still, the prospect of having your very own transforming air-car should be reason enough to keep your eyes peeled for the event in mid-April; check out the trailer just below.

Source: YouTube
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If it’s a collab event I wonder if it’ll be a longterm persistent thing like the GARO items and Monster Hunter trials. If so then I imagine that Regalia is going to require quite a bit of grinding; looks like maybe it’ll be similar to the Rathalos where we get some Garuda FFXV trial thing to grind on?


I must have that car. I MUST.

Toy Clown

I’m excited about this vehicle! I haven’t played an MMO since SWG that had more than 2-passenger vehicles. I’m sure there are others out there, just not any I’ve played.

blahlbinoa .

Apparently you just have to do the crossover quest. People where asking about it on the subreddit and the only answer people where giving is just do the quest line and you’ll get it and that it was confirmed during a panel. It’s only hearsay, but it’s all I’ve seen on the details so far.