Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida shares more details about the reasoning behind Shadowbringers revelations


The second part of the Final Fantasy XIV fan festival trilogy has wrapped up, and Japanese gaming site Game Watch has sat down for an interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida. While Yoshida obviously won’t reveal any more about the next expansion in such an interview (there’s still the Tokyo festival in a bit less than two months), the interview does feature an in-depth explanation of Yoshida’s thought process and decisions about what we’ve heard and what’s coming in the future.

For example, Yoshida explains that the Gunbreaker’s status as a tank is based on keeping a balance between the roles available in the game, and it uses a different style of gunblade from Garlean NPCs simply because he wanted to stick closer to the fan favorite versions of the iconic weapon (he compares the Garlean version to being more akin to a bayonet). He also discusses his contrarian impulses while mentioning that one of his goals with the ever-expanding trailers is to fuel speculation, right and wrong. Check out the full translated interview for more detail behind the game’s keynote revelations.

Source: Reddit
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that’s a really weak reason not to give players the imperial-design gunblades that they’ve wanted for years


Well, who knows. Maybe they’ll do Garlean style weapons for another job in the future? Or it’ll just be a glamour option.


I mean… functionally they are different weapons. Garlean weaponry has all been shown to be fully functional guns on top of their melee bits, so the comment of them being more like a bayonet is apt. Meanwhile the Gunblade seen is a melee weapon with the gun bits there to… make them hit… harder…? I don’t know, Final Fantasy 8 was an oddball of a game with that description.

For a job, I’d rather see the Gunblade we are getting for Gunbreakers. But that quite obviously and clearly doesn’t stop us from getting Garlean weaponry either for appearances, since most every job has some variation of it in-game as a basis.


They didn’t want it for years, haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere. People care more about the FF8 job than the design of the weapons, judging by the fan’s reactions at Fan Fest.


People on Reddit and the official forums have been vocal about loving Garlean weapon design since 1.0. Not saying they prefer it to the FF8 gear, though. In any case, my initial post was just a jab at Yoshi P.’s take on the specific question about changing the gunblades to something the playerbase would like.

Arsin Halfmoon

How is this a weak reason?