Vehicle-based MMO shooter Steamcraft hits open beta today


This is the third post I’ve written on a Monday that follows a template: Here’s a cool new game coming, BUT. This time ’round I’m talking about Steamcraft, which as we noted back in December is launching open beta today – all you’ve got to do is grab a Steam key from the official site.

As gamers have obseved, it isn’t really going for much of a steampunk vibe at all, contrary to its mission statement; it’s kinda more like Crossout than anything. Smashing vehicles into each other! Wooooo!

“Create one-of-a-kind combat vehicles unlike anything the world has ever seen, equip them with an entire arsenal, get behind the wheel, and duke it out with other players in massively magnificent bloodbaths. Annihilate your enemies on land and in the air while honing your skills. Win battles and use the new weapons and armor you unlock to upgrade your creations. Make your armor tougher and your weapons deadlier. Team up with friends and deploy side by side, capturing bases and destroying enemies.”

So here’s that caveat I mentioned: The devs here are the same ones behind Next Day Survival, which was kind of a mess and is still saddled with mixed reviews. The one saving grace there is that game did launch and didn’t dawdle in early access forever, so you can probably expect the same here.

Source: Steam

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Car Wars the mmo – sounds like it could be cool.


I know traditional RPGs, FPS, racers and battle shityale have audience… but this.. I can’t imagine an audience for this.


i wonder if this will die as fast as auto assault did.