The Division 2 shares more story and endgame details ahead of its February 7 beta

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The first real beta test forĀ The Division 2 kicks off on February 7th, but fans have got some new compiled information about the game courtesy of Reddit. Players will be holing up in the White House as the game’s base of operations, with the events of the sequel taking place seven months after the events of the first game. So one you retake the White House, you’re free to liberate more civilian settlements and start putting the city back on the path to rebuilding.

Not that this will be easy; endgame players will be moving from a focus on individualized raider parties and malcontents to fighting off the highly advanced and organized Black Tusks. The story will supposedly take around 40 hours to complete, with a great deal of post-launch content planned to continue the storyline and give you new things to shoot. You can see the first glance at how this will look in action on a special development stream today if you can’t wait until the 7th to get your hands on the game.

Source: Reddit (1, 2)

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