Fortnite’s newest patch adds in bottle rockets, campfires, and the wild west

This town is honestly bigger than it needs to be and we shouldn't be there.

Do you have a deep and unsatisfied need to tell your opponents in Fortnite that this municipal collection of residents lacks sufficient size for both yourself and your opponent to reside within it peacefully? It’s a bit of a mouthful to get out all at once, but the new Wild West duos mode added into the game will let you do just that. Players will take on their opponents with a limited and thematically appropriate selection of items and weapons, turning the match into a shootout best approached at the exact halfway point between the start and end of the day.

Players can also enjoy other additions to the game such as bottle rockets allowing you to launch a continual stream of projectiles into an enemy location, or the new campfires which let you sit and heal while chatting with companions. Check out the full list of patch changes on the official site, including the updates and expansions for the game’s PvE mode (you know, the one the game was actually built around at one point).