Star Wars: The Old Republic battles the mother of all bugs next week


Even in a galaxy far, far away, pest control is an issue. Of course, this being Star Wars: The Old Republic, those pests are gigantic and capable of leaving you gibbering in fear, but they still have to be exterminated by someone.

Next week on February 12th, the scifi MMO is pushing out Game Update 5.10.1, called The Wretched Hive. The patch’s main┬áselling point is a lair fight against a huge mutated Gonosian Queen bug and all of her children. Do that, and you’ll either end up as a snack for growing insects or the proud possessor of some new Masterwork weapons. Players can tackle the fight in either 8 or 16 player mode and in either story or veteran difficulty.

The update also marks the conclusion of PvP Season 10, and you know what that means — reward time! “Starting with the end of Season 10 we will be bringing back old Seasonal rewards, purchaseable with Ranked tokens! First up the rancor, armor set, and more from Season 1,” said BioWare.

Source: SWTOR
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