Star Wars: The Old Republic battles the mother of all bugs next week


Even in a galaxy far, far away, pest control is an issue. Of course, this being Star Wars: The Old Republic, those pests are gigantic and capable of leaving you gibbering in fear, but they still have to be exterminated by someone.

Next week on February 12th, the scifi MMO is pushing out Game Update 5.10.1, called The Wretched Hive. The patch’s main selling point is a lair fight against a huge mutated Gonosian Queen bug and all of her children. Do that, and you’ll either end up as a snack for growing insects or the proud possessor of some new Masterwork weapons. Players can tackle the fight in either 8 or 16 player mode and in either story or veteran difficulty.

The update also marks the conclusion of PvP Season 10, and you know what that means — reward time! “Starting with the end of Season 10 we will be bringing back old Seasonal rewards, purchaseable with Ranked tokens! First up the rancor, armor set, and more from Season 1,” said BioWare.

Source: SWTOR

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Where is Larry Everett and why are these idiots covering SWTOR news on MassivelyOP and not Larry?

Terry Holland

Haha nice edit to add Starship Troopers gif & one from Ex Mmo based on Biggest IP on the planet. One that’s made with Outdated & Glitchy Game-Engine & still today 8 years later it remains so :/ Good job & btw new Starship Troopers movie is on Discussions table :P

Terry Holland

Aah yeah this one.. Laughable so called content work again by Swtor’s Eaware Skeleton Crew.. Buffoon Charles “sly smile” Boyd “Lead Designer or whatever his title was” going wild with his empty ideas.. Eaware’s Skeleton Team could’ve at least made it to be Geonosian Queen & not the old Colicoid Momma.. :D

Half Blind Greedy EA Suits pls for the love of Good SW Mmo’ing / Gaming revive Axed SW 1313 “Rip Lucasarts” & the recent SW gaming project that was Axed down to ground.. Y y SW The Fallen Jedi or whatever it’s called is coming at next Autumn, but this not about that..

Wish nice time for everyone in any game Universe you adventure in :)

Kindly: Pre Ordered SWTOR D.Deluxe Edition. Was around from First Beta Day & Sub Since Launch up to End of 2016. Returned Oct. 2017, but Got Sad & left again cause Still Lack of Proper Mmo Content & no Good Plans on Sight :(
Sub Renewal Axed at Dec 2017. Pst: Up to date about Swtor’s Big IP Mmo So Called “Development” :( #WeNeedKotor3 #NotSwtorAsKotor3Duh #DenyCashShopsInGames #HopeThatLawPassesInUK #StarWars #WaitingLoginWorthyNews #WaitingSubWorthyNews

Toy Clown

I’ve come to enjoy logging in once every 1-2 years and spending the cash store credits I get from having a key fob attached to my account. I tend to find either new hairstyles or housing stuff to spend it on. Sometimes I stay and play the new content, but mostly I don’t.

IronSalamander8 .

Since it’s SWTOR I expect it to be bugged, give the wrong rewards, or other weird problems like the disappearing matrix cubes of yore.

Hikari Kenzaki

Nope, nope, nope.


Luckily bug hive enemies are only my 2nd least favorite trope in games. Zombies are my #1. Boring, lazy concept design. Heading out to kill bugs in a hole has been what my character in nearly every mmorpg has done since 1999.

I did enjoy some of the organizations and lore behind them when I played this game back when we thought we were getting a different game.

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So I clicked this headline from my RSS and expected it to be an article about some huge technical or feature problem they were finally going to address after many years.

That “whooshing sound” is indeed the air going over my head. 💨