Path of Exile previews its spooky haunted hideout


You’ve bought player housing in MMOs, you’ve even been assigned an apartment or two, but have you ever just… stumbled across an interesting abode and made it your own?

It’s an intriguing notion — and one that Path of Exile is working into its game. With its upcoming Patch 3.6, the action RPG is going to include special hideouts “which can be discovered in certain areas or maps.” One of these, the Haunted Hideout, got its own sneak preview. Anyone up for moving into a spooky mansion? Just about everyone. Good, good.

Grinding Gear is about to take the lid off of the full details for the 3.6 expansion, which will be revealed on February 14th. Another big project, the PlayStation 4 version of the game, is nearing completion.

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It seems to match the games dark gothic nature